The Best Way to Rate a Movie

My way is the best way.

For me.

It might not work for you.

But if it does…that would be coincidentally awesome.

Impact of Time

How I rate a movie can change with time, either inversely, or exponentially. Some movies are great the first time, but the luster fades with age. Some movies are great the first time and just keep getting better with every viewing. This is a rarity, but some movies are not so great on the first viewing, but get better over time.

The Ratings


This movie might actually have impacted how I live my life. Or at least gave me something to talk about over dinner and I probably told other people to see it.


This movie was enjoyable to the point that I likely laughed, or maybe even cried, but ultimately probably only talked about it if someone else brought it up.


I mean, it wasn’t a waste of money.

Not Interested

I honestly don’t know if musicals are good are bad because I don’t care enough about them to find out.


I didn’t hate it, but I’m also probably wishing I’d done something else with my evening.


These movies make me angry. How did I get sucked into watching this?


These movies also stick with me, but only for the length of time it takes me to tell everyone I know not to waste their time. And if I someone I know has seen it, and liked it, I question their discernment. Not to their face, obviously, it’s just a movie.


Some movies don’t have a chance while I give others a lot of leeway. I’m not an objective critic and I refuse to like a movie if it doesn’t pique my interest.

Sci-Fi movies will automatically start in the OK rating and work up or down from there. I’m a Star Wars baby, all right? Put a space battle, space wizard, or space cash in a movie and I’m interested. Maybe for life. But I’m warning you, this presumptive rating comes with a cost. If the movie doesn’t keep my interest, it will fall fast and hard and become an object of ridicule.

Musicals will automatically start in the AWFUL rating and the climb up the scale is nigh impossible. There is one, and only one musical, I have ever elevated out of this category and its rating is currently sitting at GOOD and that movie is Phantom of the Opera. Movies are not musicals. Save it for the stage. Moving on.

Call to Action

Chime in. What’s your take on this rating system? What are your presuppositions? And how do you reconcile them knowing that mine are more accurate?






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