Clifford Richardson 101

What is it about me that I like to learn things, but don’t often get to tell others what all I’ve learned?

I’m an introvert. That’s the problem.

Everything is funny to me and yet I’m often angry, or melancholy (meh-LAWN-ka-lee).

I’ve forgotten how to be joyful. That’s my other problem.

King David once wrote in a song to God, “Restore unto me the joy of my salvation.” And believe me, there’s one self-destructive guy who suffered the consequences of his actions, but, ultimately, knew where joy originated.

I, as a person, who was once described as an “info-hoarder” (only by a non-denom pastor), have learned many things and I am putting into practice the joy of my salvation as restored by the Almighty.

I’m chomping at the bit to share this information.

Eclectic doesn’t cover it

I’ve got everything from theology, movies, books, science, power tools, politics, audio engineering, video editing, desktop building, coding, drumming, amplifying, ice skating, and even something about flossing. It’s all in my head and up until now, my wife was the only one to hear about all of it.

I like to talk about stuff but I’m not “real good” at the talking part. Words and what not.

I talk fast. Back track. I take a long time to tell a short story.

It’s not complex, there’s just a lot of it

Need me to break it down into bite sized pieces? Ain’t gonna happen. But if it does happen, chances are I left so much out I’ll keep bringing it up until you let me say the rest of it.

I like to drink coffee…TO CALM ME DOWN. Yeah, that’s right. I can drink a cup of caffeinated coffee and TAKE A NAP.

Don’t sit back and relax. Stand at attention whilst I regale you with all that’s in my brain.

Take notes.

And try to keep up.

There will be a quiz.






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